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Connect to the Local Community with VOX POP Journalism

“Your Community, Your Voice”   CSC/Plan Vermont – VOX POP Project What are we doing? We are going out into the community to gather data about what local people want their community to look like a decade from now.  We will be acting as social researchers gathering critical information for the Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission….

A Big Thank You to My Students from Last Year!

I just finished my presentation at Vermont Fest and it seemed to go very well.  I owe a great deal of gratitude to my students from last year -it was their work that made the presentation effective.  Below is the presentation I gave with some student videos embedded…

Become a Workflow Whiz!

Step One – Identify YOUR goals for a digital space/workflow? As a space for you to store digital copies of handouts and other classroom resources? As a space for you to give assignments online? As a space for you to collect assignments online? As a space for you to communicate with parents and the local…

Vox Pops in the Classroom

What is a Vox Pop? Vox Pop means ‘Voice of the People’.  It is a style of journalistic interview where various people are asked the same question.  “The aim is to get a variety of answers and opinions on any given subject. Journalists are usually instructed to approach a wide range of people to get…

How to Embed a Prezi Presentation on an Edu20 Page