Review Unit – 15,000 years ago – 1900 a.d.

Required Class Materials

  • Single Subject Binder
  • Paper
  • Writing Utensil
  • P.M.A.


Essential Question:

How were Europeans able to eventually dominate the Native Americans?


Roots of Inequality

  • Focus Question: What advantages did Europeans have that Native Americans did not?
  • Watch clips of Guns, Germs, Steel – (watch 15 minutes)
  • Reviewed Lecture Notes –
  • Geographic Luck – Some groups of people were luckier than others depending on where they were born.  Luck based on geography (flora, fauna & climate)
    • PAL (Plants, Animals, Latitude)
    • ESPN- HD (Easily Planted, Storable, Prolific, Nutritious, Harvestable, Domesticable)
    • SPIFF (Shelter, Power, Immunities, Food, Fertilizer)
  • Hunter Gatherer -> Simple Farming -> Complex Agriculture
  • Watch –  ‘The Columbian Exchange Crash Course Video’


Wars of Conquest


Wars of Independence

  • Briefly discussed the American Revolution  (Haitian, French, and other Democratic revolutions)
  • Freedom to Oppress – Freedom of White Americans to oppress Native American, Blacks, and Women


Colonizing North America – 1800’s


Unit Grade

  • Essay (50%)
  • Quiz (30%)
  • Reflection (10%)
  • Classwork (10%)