How does politics really work in America?

MadAsHellLesson Overview

This learning unit is based on a recent study from Princeton University that confirms what many Americans have felt for years – the preferences of the average American have very little impact on the laws being passed by the Federal government.  Students learn more about how our democratic republic is supposed to work and how it actually works.


The Challenging Task


How Politics Really Works Infographic

Create an infographic that will be used to educate Harwood students about how politics really works in the U.S.

Use your notes, the resources we analyzed in class and any other resources you can find to help you create your infographic.


Learning Target: I can create an infographic that demonstrates my understanding of how politics really works in the United States.


Politics Poster Learning Scale (Your Roadmap)

Elements Getting Started Making Progress Got It Got it with Gusto
Strong Argument and Stickiness of Ideas I am learning more about the topic so I can form a personal argument, or I am learning more about the skill  that will be required to accomplish this task. I am developing my argument and searching for evidence to back up my claims.  I am developing visuals that I will use to illustrate my ideas. I use properly cited evidence (graphics, charts, tables, statistics, quotes and other forms of relevant data) to make a strong argument that is clear, memorable, accurate, and concise. I use professional, high-quality elements that are visually compelling to make a strong and comprehensive argument backed up by strong evidence from multiple sources that are properly cited.


Learning Resources


Infographic Tools




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