C.S.C. – Week 24


This week we will wrap up our discussion of the Laramie Project, discuss energy efficiency and conduct an onsite field trip, and begin organizing our service learning project.

Conversation Starters – Ask you kids these questions and see what they have to say…?

  • Did the film ‘The Laramie Project’ help you understand why it is important to avoid using offensive terms such as ‘gay’ or ‘retarded’?
  • How do you think we can improve the energy efficiency of our home?
  • What are you planning on doing for your service learning project?

What did we do in class today?


  • Reminded students about the Human Rights Movie Project
  • Introduced where some films were located – in the CSC Dropbox – https://www.dropbox.com/sh/183nksj3dk00vyx/8QSp7ofDCf
  • Discussed the ‘perfect answer’ to Laramie Questions and took notes
  • Discuss “the culture that caused this” and “the seeds of hate”
  • Quiz on Friday


  • Learned about energy efficiency and home weatherization from Guest Speaker Brad Cook
  • G block continued discussion of Laramie


  • Energy Efficiency Pop Quiz (B and E Blocks only)
  • Human Rights Movie Project
    • Will now be two distinct parts: written critique and presentation
    • The written critique will now be due on Friday after break
    • The presentation will be due on the next long block day
  • Finish Discussing ‘The Laramie Project’
  • Discussed how should we assess this lesson?
  • Work on Service Learning Projects
    • identify teams
    • identify projects
    • identify team leaders
    • identify major and minor participants
    • create Google doc to guide project
      • share with members of the group and myself
      • enable notifications
      • choose a color for contributions (not red)


  • Laramie Project Assessment
  • Continue working on Service Learning Projects