U.S. History – Week 20


Greetings U.S. History Students and Parents.  I am very excited to be back with you all.  This week we will make the transition from Mr. Demarais to myself.

The Gameplan

    • Looking back to what we have learned thus far and showing gratitude to Mr. Desmarais (video thank you)
    • Discuss the gameplan for the rest of the year
    • Revisit class expectations and review weekly routine

What did we do in class?


  • Reviewed mid-terms, farewell to Mr. D, Discussed what has been learned


  • Signed up for our new online classroom and took a Learning Survey Online (Graded assignment)


  • Students created a Google Document, renamed it ‘block-FP-lastname’, and shared it with me at henchenm@harwood.org
  • We discussed one of our final essays on U.S. Foreign Policy and began brainstorming some thoughts on the subject by answering the following questions on their google docs

1) If nations were people, what kind of person would the U.S. be?
2) How does the U.S. treat others, does the U.S. treat all others the same?
3) Why does the U.S. treat other nations the way it does?