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C.S.C. – Week 18

Overview Welcome back! We have just one full week(next week) before mid-terms. This week we will be talking about the importance of “the un-examined life.” We will be discussing Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and watching The Truman Show. The idea of truth and investigation will frame our work for the next week, creating our mid-term portfolios….

U.S. History – Week 17

Overview The plan this week is to finish up our thematic study of the framework of the government. We will continue our study of the supreme court and some of the “landmark cases” that historians discuss. The week will wrap up with some interest driven inquiries into remaining aspects of our central government in the…

CSC – Week 9

Overview Where do we come from? Where are we going? Are we going to get there?  This is it! Ishmael…. We will be tackling some of the biggest and most long-standing philosophical questions of our species. We’re going to encounter different opinions of what is happening on our planet and we will begin to dissect…