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Youth Engaged in Social Research for CVRPC Plan Vermont

As part of this year’s CSC class, students conducted VOX Pop interviews with people in the local community about the future of Central Vermont.  The videos were collected in collaboration with the Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission (CVRP). One of the goals of Plan Central Vermont is to “to create an open and engaging public…


I The truth is the truth, people just need to love one another… Part One Part Two

C.S.C. – Week 14

Overview Welcome back folks! I hope you had a restful and enjoyable break. This week in C.S.C. we are going to finish our asset maps and reflections, and share some of the community assets that we believe are vital to a sustainable community. We will conclude the week by introducing our case study portfolio assignment….

C.S.C. – Week 12

Overview This week we will complete the Ishmael summative assessment. Groups that are interested in sharing their projects with the class will have the opportunity. We’ll move into our next unit which will have us taking a good strong look at the resources and assets that we share in our home communities. For our next…

C.S.C. – Week 11

Overview We will conclude our study of Ishmael by debriefing the key ideas of the book and brain storming some of the issues that we perceive as challenges to our communities in the coming years. Although the focus of the week will be demonstrating our knowledge of the message of the novel, we will also…