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To Engage or Empower?

I recently came across a blog post asking the question – Should we be engaging or empowering students?  I’ll be sharing this with my students as an example of a false dichotomy or the ‘either-or logical fallacy.’  These goals need not be mutually exclusive and the best answer may be somewhere in the middle.  While I…

About This Site

The purpose of this blog is to promote the teaching of a ‘contemporary politics’ style of civics education in all secondary schools. Unlike the more traditional ‘old school’ civics courses that made every attempt to stay objective and avoid controversy, this style of civics education actively embraces controversial topics and subjective viewpoints.

Heeding Dworkin’s Call for Contemporary Politics in U.S. Classrooms

The following is an excerpt from an article entitled “Three Questions for America“, written by the late Ronald Dworkin.  The excerpt helps explain the purpose of this blog, which is to promote the collaborative development of a new school civics course that helps all students develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and dispositions required to take…