Sub Plan

Thanks for subbing for me today.  


Block 1     8:05 – 9:25

This is my prep block.  


TA   9:30 9:55

My TA meets in my room – 119.  Please take attendance and read the latest announcements and school lunch (available from Nancy in the office)


Block 3    10:00 – 11:20 (Room 119)  Creating Sustainable Communities

Students in this class should go to Schoology on their Chromebooks and work on the Socialism and Capitalism Task, which is found in the Political Literacy folder.  Please inform students that this task will be due at the beginning of class on Friday, which means any work not done in class will need to be finished for HOMEWORK.  


Lunch 1   11:25 – 12:05


Block 5    12:00 – 1:20

This is my prep block.  


Block 7    1:25 – 2:46

Please grab the Chromebook Cart from the History Department Closet and bring it to class.

Students in this class should go to Schoology on the Chromebooks and continue working on the tasks that have been assigned to them.  


Please remind students to stay on task and do your best to maintain a quiet learning environment for all students.  Any students acting out or causing disruptions should be sent to Eric or Renee’s office after a clear warning from you.


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