Student Work and Project Ideas

CSC – Creating Sustainable Communities/Civics

Alex’s Story (Alex and Abby)

The Forgotten One’s (Alex and Abby) (first clipsecond clip)

Hunger in the Community (Kaylee, Meghan, Darcy)

Eco Friendly Snowboarding (Hunter) Waiting for link

Problems In Our Schools (McKayla) VOX Pop

Have You Ever Been Judged (Liz, Nora) (waiting for link)

Youth Political Engagement (Indi, Tanner)

Prevent Bullying (Adrian, Meredith, John) on desktop

Reduce Derogatory Use of the Word ‘Gay’ (Tyra, Sophie)

Is being gay a choice? (Liam, Teagan, Sam) video

Reduce Plastic Water Bottle Usage (Abby, Gabby, Sarah)

Youth Political Engagement (Mackenzie, Brinn)

Deforestation (Abby, Olivia)

Don’t Judge (Henre)

 U.S. History

Diversity in Vermont (Nick)

Lessons from Mom (Tyler) waiting for link

Immigration in Vermont (Marley) desktop

Hurricane Irene – Interview of Ruth Hoogenboom (Christian)

Plane Crash on Camel’s Hump (Brian) waiting

Tryke Drifting and Long Boarding (Simon, Hobey) waiting

What to do in Vermont (Taylor, Zach, Max)

Emily’s Bridge (Adam, Jack, Dan, Nate, Christian) waiting