Free Documentaries

Brain-based research has proven that multi-modal learning environments leads to greater results.  And what better way of creating a multimodal learning environment then by watching a great film.  Below are some sites of the sites I’ve used for finding great documentaries to use in my class.

Remember, if you find a great documentary be sure to download it to your hard drive – check out this post   to find out how.

Top 10 Sites for Free Documentaries

  • Docuwatch: On this site, you will find hundreds of documentaries that have been found on the web, all in one place, all ready to watch.
  • Hundreds of films free to watch, many with a liberal or letist bent.
  • Google Videos: Remember, a search on Google videos includes a search of youtube, but not vice-versa.  In other words, start your search with Google Videos first!
  • Youtube: Also try the Youtube Doc Channel
  • Teacher Tube: “Our goal is to provide an online community for sharing instructional videos.”
  • School Tube: “Our mission is to provide educators and students a safe and fun video sharing environment to enhance their classrooms and learning experiences.”
  • Top Documentary Films: “The content here is created with a passion for documentary films, the site is in open form and it is allowing readers to add comments about documentary films they like or dislike.”
  • DocumentaryTube: is a one-stop resource for free documentaries whatever your interests may be: crime, nature, science or politics. Our members get further information on and debate issues around all our documentaries as well.
  • SnagFilms: “Snag Films is committed to finding the world‘s most compelling documentaries, whether from established heavyweights or first-time filmmakers, and making them available to the wide audience these titles is a website where you can watch full-length documentary films for free, but we’re also a platform that lets you “snag” a film and put it anywhere on the web.”
  • Hulu: Many free, many paid options for great films and television clips.