Climate Change Scavenger Hunt

Check out each resource and answer the related question(s)…

Teachers can find answers here (you will need a password to access this page, feel free to email me from your school account –

1) What are the key indicators of climate change?

2) What is the current level of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere?

3) How is Carbon Dioxide released into the atmosphere?

4) How much have sea levels risen since 1880?

5) Why have sea levels risen?

6) What percentage of climate scientists agree that climate warming trends are very likely due to human activities?

1) What level of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is considered an unsafe level “incompatible with human life as we know it?”

2) What is our current level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?

1) What are the main campaigns of the 350 movement?

1) What is the goal of the ‘Go Fossil Free’ campaign?

1) What happened at the first Global Power Shift Summit?

1) What are the causes of global warming?

2) What percentage of climate scientist believe that human activity is the main cause of climate change?

3) What percentage of the American public thinks the science behind climate change is unsettled or still in debate?

4) What percentage of the U.S. media gives coverage to climate change skeptics?

5) What is the mission of The Consensus Project?

1) What can you do to help reduce your impact on climate change?

1) What myths have Michelle Bachmann spread and what is the truth?