C.S.C. – Week 23


We will spend this week finishing the film, ‘The Laramie Project and discussing the themes and issues brought up in the film.

What did we do in class today?

Mon & Tues

Finish ‘The Laramie Project’

Wed/Thur Feb. 13 & 14
1) We will finish the film if needed then,

  • Answer the ‘Laramie Project’ question you are responsible for
  • Finish the ‘Chile’s Matthew Shepard’ assignment

2) Grab a computer/iPad and check your grade on powerschool

  • Finish any missing work
  • Revise any work that you earned a poor grade on and email me so I know to re-grade it

3) Write up a proposal for your service learning project


  • hand in any missing work
  • discuss and model the Human Rights Movie Project

Human Rights In Film Assignment

Watch a film that deals with a human rights issue and create a film critique that communicates the following:

  • a summary of the basic storyline – in your own words!
  • the human right or rights being violated or struggled to achieve (the goal or goals)
  • the challenges faced when trying to achieve their goals
  • the methods used to achieve their goals
  • the effectiveness of the film at achieving its purpose and the techniques the filmmaker uses to affect, persuade, and/or inform the viewer

You may communicate your learning in any way you want:

  • written movie critique
  • presentation of your critique to the class
  • video critique
  • audio podcast critique

Below are some resources to help you better understand filmmaking techniques.


Need a movie – check out the films in the CSC Dropbox

Glory (D)
Malcolm X (D)
Rosewood (D)
Matewan (D)
Harlan County USA
Union Maid
Iron Jawed Angels (D)
Mississippi Burning (D)
Story of Emmett Til (D)
Get on the Bus
Do the Right Thing
To Kill a Mockingbird (D)
Ghosts of Mississippi
The Long Walk Home
The Ernest Green Story
Ruby Bridges
The Rosa Parks Story
Freedom Riders
Freedom Writers (D)
Erin Brokovich
I Am Sam (D)
Good Night, and Good Luck
Ghandi (D)
Michael Collins (D)
The Help
For Us the Living: The Medgar Evers Story
Murder in Mississippi (PBS)
Road to Freedom: The Vernon John’s Story
Pursuit of Equality
Taking AIM: The Story of the American Indian Movement
Fight in the Fields


Google ‘movies about civil rights’ ‘movies about women’s rights’ ‘movies about disabled rights’ ‘movies about worker’s rights’ ‘movies about gay rights’ ‘movies about ……’


coming soon…