C.S.C. – Week 21 (Jan.28)


This week we will be exploring the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights and discussing how these rights reflect the varied needs of a sustainable and whole community.  We will then turn back to the issue of sustainability and begin to brainstorm options for our service learning projects.

What did we do in class today?

Monday & Tuesday

We read aloud each of the 30 Human Rights as declared by the United Nations
We then watched a series of Public Service Announcements created by humanrights.com

HOMEWORK – Human Rights Violations
We have explored the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights.  For homework, please tell me a story of a time when you witnessed somebody’s human rights being violated.  Which of the rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights were violated? This should be from a paragraph to 2 pages in length. Due Next Class.

Wednesday/Thursday (B BLOCK NOTE: I will be away at a conference on Thursday)

We logged onto our online classroom and completed two assignments: one which discussed sustainability and the other is based on student choice.

Assignment One – What is Sustainability?
Read the article, ‘What Does Sustainability Mean?, and answer the following questions:

  • what does ‘sustainability’ mean?
  • what does ‘sufficiency’ mean?
  • What are the main points in the article?

Assignment Two – Introduction to Student Journalism – Radio Rookies

1) Go to the Radio Rookies Website
2) Choose an episode that interests you
3) Read, listen, and/or watch the episode
4) Write a brief summary of the episode.  What was it about?  What did you agree and/or disagree with?  What new insights or learning did you gain.  What human rights were discussed?


We will share our Human Right’s Violation stories, discuss the sustainability article and student journalism, and begin to brainstorm possible service learning projects.