C.S.C. – Week 18


Welcome back! We have just one full week(next week) before mid-terms. This week we will be talking about the importance of “the un-examined life.” We will be discussing Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and watching The Truman Show. The idea of truth and investigation will frame our work for the next week, creating our mid-term portfolios. Please check back soon for more information and resources to use in reflecting on your learning and creating a portfolio for semester 1.

The Game Plan

  • Introduce the Allegory of the Cave
  • Watch the Truman Show
  • Discuss the movie and the allegory of the cave


  • In case you care to read The Allegory of the Cave
  • Another cool tangent, check out this take on the movie The Matrix as a metaphor for Plato’s cave allegory
the Matrix and the Cave