C.S.C. – Week 19


This is the last full week of the semester! Unfortunately, my time with the class is coming to an end, however the good news is that Mr. Henchen will be back soon! Next week are our midterms and semester two begins on January 22. This week’s focus will be on collecting past assignments for our mid-term portfolio and crafting reflections to assess growth and personal learning for the semester.


Although the lessons we discussed from Plato’s allegory of the cave may affect each of us in different ways, there are two direct lessons that you can use in framing our mid-term portfolio. More directly you could take the message of external control of our reality; Use the message of product placement and the prevalence of consumerism in constructing our world. Alternately, the movie may hit you in a more concrete way; You may choose to use the allegory of the cave, a metaphor for education vs. the un-examined life, as motivation to “loose the chains” and examine the work that you have done this semester. Take a deeper look. Think about your experiences in CSC, the “shadows on the cave wall,” and try and work past form and focus on the meaning, the ideas behind the experiences of semester 1.

The Game Plan

  • Finish the Truman Show
  • Collect semester 1 assignments
  • Begin work on portfolio reflections