Review Unit – 15,000 years ago – 1900 a.d.

Required Class Materials Single Subject Binder Paper Writing Utensil P.M.A.   Essential Question: How were Europeans able to eventually dominate the Native Americans?   Roots of Inequality Focus Question: What advantages did Europeans have that Native Americans did not? Watch clips of Guns, Germs, Steel – Reviewed Lecture Notes – Geographic Luck –…


Harwood Open House

Creating Sustainable Communities Mr. Matt Henchen CSC – Civics How to view student assignments – Visit My Blog Each week, I will attempt to post the following information: What we are currently learning about with links to resources, readings, and handouts What we will be studying next week with resources for pre-teaching A…


Coptic Stitch Notebook and First Journal Prompts

Your challenge: Turn an old binder destined for the dump into an amazing Coptic Stitch Sustainability Journal. Journal Reflection: What Skills, Knowledge, and Attitudes did you need in order to accomplish this challenging task? What are you proud of? If you had more time or the chance to do this again, what would you do…


Political Interest Survey

How interested are you in politics? How knowledgable about politics are you? This survey is designed to gauge a student’s self-perceived level of political literacy. Loading…

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Reposted from Scott MacLeod’s Blog – When it comes to education, we have to stop pretending… that short-term memorization equals long-term learning that students find meaning in what we’re covering in class that low-level facts and procedures are a prerequisite to deeper learning that analog learning environments prepare kids for a digital world that what…


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2015 NESSC High School Redesign Conference – Presentation on Political Literacy

Dear CSC Students and Parents, I wanted to send a big thank you to my current and former students for their recent participation in the High School Redesign Conference in Boston this past week.  The conference was sponsored by the New England Secondary School Consortium (NESSC) and the Great Schools Partnership (GSP).  These organizations both…

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Political Literacy – What it is and why we should teach it.

What is political literacy? Political literacy means having the basic skills, understandings, and attitudes required to take an active and well educated role in a democratic society.  Why should schools teach political literacy. In a world with so many problems in need of political solutions we need citizens who are capable of filtering through all of…


Rethinking Politics in the Classroom by Daniel Judt

This was an excellent article written by the son of Tony Judt in The Nation.  The article is no longer available on The Nation’s website, but I was able to resurrect the article by finding a cached version of the page.  (Note: the link to the article on The Nation’s website now appears to be working)…


Great Framework for Creating Engaging Student Work

  Qualities of Engaging Student Work A critical factor for improving learning lies in providing high-quality work for students- work that engages students, work that enables students to learn what they need in order to succeed in the world. The traits of engaging student work listed below evolved from Dr. Phillip Schlechty’s book, Working on…


To Engage or Empower?

I recently came across a blog post asking the question – Should we be engaging or empowering students?  I’ll be sharing this with my students as an example of a false dichotomy or the ‘either-or logical fallacy.’  These goals need not be mutually exclusive and the best answer may be somewhere in the middle.  While I…


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